Preliminary Services


One of the key issues in any project is the budget. Setting the proper budget for a project is a complex issue and involves many considerations including: the current state of the intended market, the population densities in the area, the growth patterns within the community, and the rate of cremation in the area, as well as the current financial condition of the business. Developing the proper budget is very involved and critical to achieving the ultimate goal of obtaining the most successful and profitable business venture as is possible. We are here to help you through that process.


Another key ingredient in the recipe for a successful funeral home is choosing the right location for the business. If you are intending to build a new facility, we can help you in the selection of a suitable site within the market. We take into consideration ease of access, proximity to appurtenant services such as cemeteries, churches, hospitals, etc., and most importantly, visibility, which is always a key issue in the development of a successful project. We always keep the budget in mind when looking for suitable sites with your best interests in mind. Let us help you with this important task.


As part of the preliminary planning process, our design staff will meet with you face-to-face to “program” a design for your remodeling/addition, or new construction. An in-depth interview with you will be conducted to provide the information necessary to develop the initial concept drawings for the project. These drawings, which will include a site plan, a floor plan, and elevation studies, will provide you with a clear understanding of how the building will look and function. This work is, of course, done with the pre-established budget in mind, because, unlike most designers, we think it makes more sense to design to a budget rather than the other way around.


When you are satisfied that the preliminary design meets your requirements, we will carefully analyze the design to determine the cost of the construction. If the anticipated building cost exceeds the budget, we will make suggestions for changes to the design to bring the project back in line. This critical cost information, combined with the demographic information gathered in our evaluation of the market, gives us the necessary data to begin developing financial projections for the business. You will see what the bottom line is likely to be, before you become committed to beginning the construction. It’s nice to know how deep the water is before jumping in, and knowing you’ve considered all the options.


Another very important, but often overlooked issue is the debt financing required for the project. Our development consultants all have backgrounds in accounting and finance and have the experience and knowledge to help you acquire the best possible financing for your project. We will package the loan documents for you in a manner in which the lenders would like to see, lead you to the right lenders, and help you negotiate the best rates. Our goal in the preliminary services phase is to address all the necessary issues in the development process to insure your success – before you become obligated to begin the building process!

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