Feasibility Analysis


The primary objective in providing the Preliminary Services is to thoroughly evaluate the feasibility of a successful outcome. In that effort, one of the key ingredients is to ascertain if there is a sufficient amount of business in the targeted market to insure that we can attract a reasonable share. Our Development Consultants will assist you in evaluating the market and your likelihood of attracting the necessary market share to sustain your business. We will research the demographics of the market, evaluate the competition, and make our projections based in this data. Having been involved in the development of over 400 funeral home projects to date, we have the experience to make these projections with a very high level of accuracy.


Once the market research is completed, and the projected number of cases you are likely to attain in the market has been determined, we are then able to begin developing financial projections for the business. These projections are based on and modeled after your current operations, or in the case of a new start-up business, are based on models developed from previous projects of similar nature and scope. These projections become the cornerstone of the business plan which is later presented to prospective lenders and/or investors and serves as your guide to the overall feasibility of the project.


For a nominal additional charge, we will publish a formal business plan for presentation to your investors and/or lenders. The Business Plan will include not only the feasibility information gathered in our Preliminary Services phase, but also pertinent information about you, your experience as a business manager, the market you intend to enter, and key issues for your investors and lenders such as the return on investment, break-even analysis, debt coverage ratios, and loan to value calculations.


Our consultants will assist you with gathering and formulating all of the information necessary in a concise format to present to prospective lenders. The information will be presented in such a way that is easy to interpret and evaluate by the lenders. All the information gathered remains confidential and will be shared with individuals or companies which you personally approve. Your privacy is very important to us and we guard it very carefully.

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