Dave Remely, Architect

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Dave was born and raised in Chicago, IL, attended the University of Illinois, and upon graduating from a 5-and-a-half year curriculum received a Degree in
Architectural Design with a minor in Structural Engineering.

His apprenticeship was with a Chicago firm where he advanced to the head of the Architectural Department and the Building Systems Development Division of the then 150 person firm. During this time he obtained his Illinois registration and NCARB Certificate supporting his licensing in other States and Canada.

Both he and his wife wished to live in a smaller city and after 9 years of working in Chicago they moved to St. Cloud, MN where he together with an associate acquired an existing architectural firm. They maintained a public and commercial practice throughout Minnesota. In the 1980 recession he and his partner separated and maintained individual practices.

In the 90’s Dave designed several Funeral Homes, which lead to his joining Behrens Design and Development in 1999, where he has designed over a hundred Funeral Homes throughout the USA and Canada.

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